St. Andrew’s Episcopal School


St. Andrew's Episcopal School Branding & Website Design | Field of Study Houston

In Brief

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School is a community based, early education Montessori school that:

“educates and nurtures the whole child and family with love and respect”

After nearly 20 years, SAES sought us out to help update their appearance to align better with their values and create unity across the wide variety of materials in use at the school.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo and Visual Identity
  • Website Design & Development

As a Montessori school, St. Andrew’s Episcopal School utilizes a variety of principals and tenets that are very closely related to concepts in design. Most notably: movement and cognition, interest, and order in the environment and mind. It made perfect sense to use these as a framework to create an identity system from.

We knew utilizing a bright, playful color palette and some humanizing touches would be the appropriate fit to indicate the school’s focus on early education for children. Thinking of those principals of movement and interest, we decided that it was most appropriate to forgo a traditional logo mark and instead build a flexible system that could change with application or time.

In practice, the system works by layering the St. Andrew’s School wordmark over a grid that can be filled with a combination of one simple shape and one “widget” rendered in any of the available brand colors. The effect is an almost endless array of possibilities and a result that, in our mind, exemplifies the Montessori philosophy.