In Brief

Siphon Coffee is a café featuring coffees sourced nationwide and specializing in a unique siphon method of brewing. The new establishment sought an identity which was energetic, distinctive, and captured the aesthetics of the method.

  • Logo and Visual Identity
  • Web
  • Signage

We were immediately attracted to the complication and aesthetics of the siphon brewing method—a mix of science, craft, and steampunk. Originally based off of technical laboratory equipment, the vacuum brewer was adapted to stove tops and then redesigned as the Sintrax coffee maker in the 1930’s by Bauhaus founder, Gerhard Marx.

As a concept, a Bauhaus influence was a natural place to begin both for its history with the siphon brewing method and for its visibility against the American Heritage trend that was defining a huge swath of craft coffee makers at the time.

Fig. 2 Gerhard Marcks, Wilhelm Wagenfeld Sintrax Coffee Machine, c. 1925. Image via MoMA

Simplicity, utilitarian typefaces, bold color and iconography tie Siphon Coffee’s identity to the core of the Bauhaus design philosophy. As an added benefit, a large number of scientific and industrial publications of the era had adopted Bauhaus design—which fit perfectly with the vacuum coffee maker’s scientific origins.