In Brief

Unbeknownst to many, our two founders are boxing enthusiasts and active boxers (holding USA Boxing Masters licenses). At the start of the 2020 Pandemic, like many we were searching for a distraction from the troubles at hand. We found the perfect opportunity in friend and fellow boxer Scott Herrin’s writing and decided to collaborate on small publication dedicated to our love of the sport using his writing as a basis.


Peekaboo Boxing Zine layout animation by Field of Study Design

Peekaboo is named after Mike Tyson’s signature defensive style. He held both of his gloves tightly together against his chin and under his nose with his eyes peering out like a child playing a game of peekaboo. We also liked the parallel with the idea of the zine— just giving a glimpse into some of the issues and history of the sport for those that may not be as familiar.

With Peekaboo, we hope to capture and share a glimpse into what fascinates us about boxing and the people that make up the sport’s impact beyond just wins, losses, and draws. It’s nothing short of a passion project that we’re excited to produce.

Peekaboo Boxing Zine interior page titles by Field of Study Design

In the first issue:
👉 Why We Are Here (what boxing gyms can mean for a community)

👉 Boxing From The Inside Out (a timeline over the last 100+ years of boxing in relation to activism and current events around the world, US centric)

👉 Mike Tyson: Building An Icon (Act 1 of 3 breaking down the icon’s boxing career and celebrity)

👉 Black Lives Matter (Impact within boxing)

Peekaboo Boxing zine interior spread by Field of Study Design
Peekaboo Boxing zine layout by Field of Study Design
Peekaboo Boxing zine interior timeline by Field of Study Design