Ars Lyrica Houston Logo Refinement & Seasonal Rituals Concert Series Branding


Ars Lyrica Houston offers world-class performances of music from the 17th and 18th centuries on period instruments. Since their founding in 1998, the ensemble features rotating vocalists and performances of exceptional and little known baroque and chamber works—all performed in an intimate setting.

In Brief

Although Ars Lyrica features engaging and imaginative programs performed by major, international artists, the demographics of their audience did not reflect the younger, more diverse audience that they desired. Ars Lyrica desired to broaden their appeal through a minor logo refresh and a new take on their program series materials.

Scope of work

  • Logo Refinement
  • Marketing Collateral





Logo refinement

The center piece of the Ars Lyrica performance is Founder, Artistic Director, and Conductor Matthew Dirst’s harpsichord. It only made sense to feature this instrument, which sits center stage, prominently in the new combination mark with an icon drawn from his instrument.

Fig. 1 EXISTING logo

Logo and combination mark for non-profit arts organization, Ars Lyrica Houston, as part of a rebranding initiative | Designed by Field of Study: A Design & Branding Consultancy | Jennifer Blanco & John Earles

Fig. 2 REDESIGNED logo





A period correct, Baroque era serif typeface paired with a modern sans serif create a mark which pays tribute to history, but feels progressive and current in its simplicity and order. The new mark allows flexibility and adaptability for the wide variety of uses, formats, and sizes in which it appears (one of several issues present in the existing logo).

Seasonal Rituals (2015-2016)

For Ars Lyrica’s 2015-2016 season, the ensemble chose to investigate how music can capture our love of the ritual and emotional charge that accompanies sequences of events such as the first frost of autumn or the smell in the air as spring nears. Featuring works by Vivaldi, Handel, and Mozart the season would would be consistent with Ars Lyrica’s intimate style of performance which keeps focus tightly on the music.

With an underlying structure based on mathematics and layered with considerable artistry, we questioned why baroque and chamber music should not be presented as an engaging, exciting event which aims a break from the ordinary. Our approach to the 2015-2016 season reflects this with bold typography and vivid colors that move the organization in a direction to reframe audience expectations from the staid.

Fig. 2 EXISTING season concert series styles

Photograph by Pin Lim, Forest Photography


In successive seasons, we continue this evolution forward to great result. Ars Lyrica Houston has seen success in both diversifying the demographics of its audience as well as increasing attendance.

Underpinned by our efforts, the 2018 Gala not only surpassed the organization’s fundraising goals, but turned out to be the most successful event in the organization’s history.


Seasonal Rituals Concert Series Branding (Ars Lyrica 2015/16 Season)

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Ars Lyrica Gala Branding

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